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When you place an order we do or best to give you an estimate. As it is all done by hand, delivery times vary. Usually around 6-8 weeks, big orders may take longer.
Quick answer: No

Long answer: Get permission

In short: We can, but probably won't

About our Product

Standard 7", 10" and 12". We can also cut 5", we do custom shapes (Like rectangles and squares) and do silver/gold plates.

Depends on the amount of bass and the volume you want cut.

SizeMinutes (on 33 RPM)Minutes (On 45 RPM)
7" Inch 33 RPM (~X min/side) 45 RPM (~4 min/side)
10" inch 33 RPM (~10 min/side) 45 RPM (~7 min/side)
12" inch 33 RPM (~18 min/side) 45 RPM (~9 min/side)
Yes we do. We have black, transparent, red, green, blue and white.
45 RPM when we can, otherwise 33 RPM
On our website we make a difference between Dubplates and Short runs.

A Dubplate is a 7″, 10″ or 12″ one off record made on a lathe or cutting machine. It is an exclusive ‘one-of-a-kind’ record that DJs have. We take extra care to get the volume at a competing level and the grooves as deep as possible so you have a real weapon for the big sound systems.
We offer white label, white sleeve, white cover dubplates. You can take an option below.

Short runs are ideal for bands and boutique record labels.
We offer a few basic artwork options and encourage you to explore other possibilities yourself so we can focus on cutting :). You can order them below.
We prefer files in .WAV format starting at 16 bit ~ 44.1 kHz. If you are not sure about which format to use, we can assist you. Just contact us http://ftlcuts.com/contact/.
Sometimes. Let us decide... Go easy on the limiter!!
Yes, we offer a few basic options, but encourage you to be creative yourself.
We will send it after placing an order.
We individually cut our records one-by-one with a diamond stylus.
The quality is comparable to pressed.

About Shipping

We prefer you pay with iDeal or Paypal, but you can also pay with Credit Card, Amazon Pay, American Express or Mastercard
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Depending on the amount you want to gift someone. You can get a voucher for a set amount or a specific product. For specific products: contact us.
On the product page before ordering you can fill in a field in the form to redeem your gift voucher. Try to be within the amount that is on your voucher though, as additional costs have to be fulfilled. For example ordering $80 with a $50 voucher means you have to pay the $30 as an 'additional cost'.

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