Quick answer: If you have permission, yes

Long answer: You may not copy, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, or create derivative works from any copyrighted work that has been cut by FTLCuts, unless you have the full copyright ownership of the music or sound that has been sent to us. All trademarks, logos and service marks (“Marks”) displayed on the cover and labels on the records are either your property, or the property of entrusted third parties. You are not permitted to use these Marks without prior written consent, or the consent of such third party owner of the Mark(s) if not owned by you or FTLCuts.

In short: We trust our costumers not to send us copyrighted material, and if so not to distribute or publicly display/perform the printed material.

Depends on the amount of bass and the volume you want cut.

If you have little to no low-end frequencies it would mean that the grooves on the vinyl could be more compact opposed to if you would. Depending on the range of frequencies the amount of minutes may vary. To give you an estimate of the average minutes per side it would look like this (Estimating music ranging from ± 30 Hz to ± 18KHz):

SizeMinutes (on 33 RPM)Minutes (On 45 RPM)
7″ Inch 33 RPM (~7 min/side) 45 RPM (~5 min/side)
10″ inch 33 RPM (~9 min/side) 45 RPM (~7 min/side)
12″ inch 33 RPM (~11 min/side) 45 RPM (~9 min/side)

Yes we do. By default we have black, green, red and white vinyl.

You order, we cut

They have about the same sound-quality, if not better. All the records that are cut at FTLCuts are handcrafted. They’re carefully being cut one by one. The music is cut realtime, this means that the amount of minutes of music is equal to the amount it takes to cut the record. If there are any pop’s/glitches/small errors, we will notice while cutting and start over. If you press records, you order in bulk and will only hear complaints about pops and glitches way after selling them. By individually treating the records we try to prevent this from happening.

We prefer to receive files in the .WAV format starting at 16 bit ~ 44.1 kHz. If you are not sure about which format to use, we can assist you. Just contact us http://ftlcuts.com/contact/.

Sometimes. Let us decide… Go easy on the limiter!!

When you place an order we do or best to give you an estimate. As it is all done by hand, delivery times vary. Usually around 2 weeks, big orders may take longer.

We will send it after placing an order

Standard 7, 10 and 12 inch. We can also cut 5 inch, do custom shapes and do silver/gold plates

Please use the calculator on the ordering page for an estimate and contact us after

Yes, we offer a few basic options and encourage you to be creative

A dubplate is a 7″, 10″ or 12″ one off record made on a lathe or cutting machine. It is an exclusive ‘one-of-a-kind’ record that DJs have. We take extra care to get the volume at a competing level and the grooves as deep as possible so you have a real weapon for the big sound systems.

Look around, you’ll get it


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