About our products

What we create

We offer DJ dubplates, or full-color printed short runs. Both equally carefully handcrafted. There are many options you can choose from depending on the length of the music that you want cut. Depending on this length the size of the vinyl could change. There is an oversight of the available options for either dubplates or short runs


How we cut our grooves

In order to cut grooves in vinyl we use a heated modified lathe. With a diamond needle we cut music into a vinyl plate, which can be in color and any size you want. Standard plates are black. If you’re not sure what size or color you want, please contact us so we can discuss the options.


Do you need a separate master?

When you play a record, the needle could skip or make audible pops if the music is not specifically mastered for vinyl. We recommend to have the music separately mastered for vinyl. If you need to remaster the music before we cut, we will let you know.


How do you send us the files?

We have an order form and a contact form so you can order your vinyl with as much ease as possible. Place your order and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

What is a Dubplate?

A dubplate is a 7, 10 or 12 inch one-off record made on a lathe or cutting machine. It is an exclusive ‘one-of-a-kind’ record of mostly unreleased tracks that DJs have.

We take extra care to get the volume at a competing level and the grooves as deep as possible so that you have a real weapon on the decks and rock the sound system.

We offer white label, white sleeve, white and black ‘discobag’ cover dubplates.

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7 inch
45 RPM (~4:30 min/side)
± € 22
10 inch
45 RPM (~6:30 min/side)
± € 28
12 inch
45 RPM (~9 min/side)
± € 32

Order a Dubplate

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Our Short Runs

Short runs are ideal for bands and boutique record labels.

We offer a few basic artwork options and encourage you to explore other possibilities yourself so we can focus on cutting :).

You can request a quote below.

Request a quote

You can fill in the following form to request a quote

Don not worry, if you are not sure what you want exactly, you can send us a message or question. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible (Usually 1~2 days).

Please, give us the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for and let us taylor the record to your demands/needs. Ordering a vinyl is a big step for an artist and of course you want the record to be as awesome as it can be. Send us a message to let us know you are interested and we will work things out. Sending us a message via this form is without obligations and non-committal.